Notary Signing


Expectations of Our NSAs 

  • Communication
  • Promptness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service
  • Expertise
  • Professionalism 


Expectations of Our Signing Process

Step 1
Identify Obstacles and Recovery Plan
  • Location safety and accessibility
  • Your ability to fulfill all requirements: faxing, drop deadline same day
  • Scope of assignment, size of package, number of borrowers
  • Know your availability


Step 2

Contact the Borrower

  • Confirm ID to be presented at the signing
  • Check to confirm the borrower's name is consistent on the ID and documents
  • Inform the borrower if they need to provide insurance declaration page, photocopy of ID and/or a check
  • Inquire about the workspace and ensure you will have borrower's uninterrupted attention

Step 3

Evaluate the Environment

  • Upon arrival for the signing, make sure the table is appropriately suitable for signing loan documents


Step 4

Describe the Signing Process

  • Clarify your role as the NSA
  • Describe how documents will be signed
  • Clarify that there are to be no markings on documents other than where indicated
  • Describe how to handle corrections
  • Describe how borrower is to sign his/her name and date the documents

Step 5 

Execute the Documents

  • Present the documents that answer the most common questions: HUD, Note, etc.
  • Introduce each document
  • Direct where signature and initials are to be madeNotarize the documents at the table
  • Complete the journal entries for the notarizations at the table


Step 6

Review the Documents

  • Look at all documents for missing signatures, initials, dates, Notary seal imprints
  • Verify stipulations in hand
  • Hand over borrower's copies of the documents to the borrower

Step 7

Communicate Signing Completion

  • Provide your completion report to contracting company
  • Scan/fax invoice


Step 8

Send faxbacks

  • View faxbacks as a quality assurance step
  •  Requested for refinance and purchase transactions
  • Scan or email if required


Step 9

Drop the Package

  • Should you use a drop box or hand off the package to a real human being?
  • FedEx staffed locations  
  • UPS/FedEx accounts


Step 10

Invoice the Customer

  • Create an invoice template
  • Create a tickler file for unpaid invoices
  • Identify steps and timing to pursue collections
  • Upon payment, attach voucher to signing confirmation 



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